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Services Offered By Commercial Roofing Companies

It is almost inevitable that your roof will have problems from time to time. To avoid costly damages in future you need a commercial roofing company that can remedy the problem on time. However, commercial roofing companies have a wide range of services. Here are the most common ones requested by homeowners.

Shingles Roof Services

Asphalt shingles make ¾ of all American roofs. Many homeowners choose this roofing material because it is inexpensive and easy to install. It comes in a wide variety of colors and are readily available regardless of where your home is located. The main problem with this material is that it doesn’t last very long and always an issue will crop up from time to time.

Sometimes asphalt shingles need to be taken down every 20 years thanks to their relatively short lifespan. A Commercial roofing company can help tear the roof apart and install a new one. A roofing company service will also be necessary from time to time to check for cracked or worn out shingles.

Metal Roof Repair

Metal roofs have become popular in the last few years. They can reflect 70% of heat during summer, especially if it is a silver coated metallic roof. This type of roof also has a long lifespan. They can easily be painted into different colors they are therefore quite versatile in that respect. Metal roofs can either be made of Zinc, aluminum and copper.  Zinc and aluminum are more common since they are relatively inexpensive compared to most roofing materials.

Despite their lifespan they require maintenance from time to time. Part of the reason maintenance is done is to prevent rust. Also, metals sheets are fitted together at the seams. These seams can be problematic and they often cause leakages. Trained professionals can check and recommend viable solutions for these problems.

Roof Maintenance Program

The purpose of a roof maintenance programs is to take care of small issues, before they big budget problems. These maintenance programs will help to prolong the lifespan of the roof. Roof maintenance programs are nowadays designed to ensure that the professionals can effectively pinpoint these issues at the earliest stage of their evolution.

A roof maintenance program is recommended during fall and spring. Professional inspectors can check cap flashings, edge metal, roof adhesive for any issues that may be cropping up. They will locate and address the problem of missing or loose shingles. A professional is required to ensure these tasks are done effectively.

Independent Roof inspection services

The distinction between maintenance and inspection, is that maintenance is done to determine the state of your roof. An independent contractor, other than the one who did the installation, often does an independent inspection. Sometimes the inspection is done immediately after the roof has been installed to determine if the contractor did his work properly.

It has been found that 15% of all roofs will fail within the first few years. This can be very costly for the homeowner especially if the shortcomings end up causing big budget issues in the future. It also puts him in a position where he may not be able to claim warranties. An inspection is also done to determine if the roof was installed according to the industry and local building codes. Failure to adhere to these rules leads to heavy fines and the homeowner may be forced to tear down the roof.

The inspection services involve thorough sampling, inspection, and performing the required readings. The professional from the commercial roofing company will then give a detailed report once the job is complete. The final report will clearly define the problem and possible recommendations where applicable.

Written by True Son Exteriors, the best roofers Columbia, MO has to offer.